Do You Enjoy Having Long Layover When Traveling by Air?
Jan 7th, 2019

If we have the choice, I’m sure many of us will choose direct flights over flights with stops. But unfortunately, there are some destinations you can’t get direct flights to. The fact that a traveler has to stop at one airport, wait for hours and pass through security before   connecting to another flight can be quite frustrating and as much as it is easier to travel by air, it can really be tiresome to hang around in the airport when waiting for a connecting flight.

Many air travellers must have been caught in the airport looking bored and tired of waiting for their connecting flight. While many people do not enjoy having a long layover, some people still love (it they have no choice) to have a long layover because of the opportunity they get in exploring another country in a short period (if time really permits). When we asked around, some travellers gave their personal opinions on long layovers.

Shokolokozee is a Nigerian traveller who loves to travel and spend longer time to explore a destination. Despite her love for travels, she doesn’t enjoy having a long layover at the airport if she won’t get enough time to visit and explore the town while waiting endlessly in the airport.

“No, I don’t prefer layovers as I don’t like short visits so whatever I have to do in town will be a short one”

Kemi O is a seasoned traveler who has been to over 35 countries. She loves to maximize her time when she finds herself waiting long at the airport for the next flight.

”I don’t enjoy long layovers especially if I can’t leave the airport and go into the city to explore. However, if there’s the option to spend a few hours in the city, the ill do either a bus tour or walking tour of the city, ensure I eat a local meal and buy a souvenir from the city. If I’m stuck at an airport for a long layover, then I’ll eat, find a place to shower (I’d happily pay for lounge access) and read a book or catch up on my favourite web series.”

To Jokotola, choosing a flight with long layover is a NO NO. Except when there is no choice will she fly a long flight.

”No, I’ll opt for a direct flight. Honestly, I’ll like to get to my destination in the shortest possible time. If I absolutely must layover, I spend time working during my layover so WiFi is a key consideration for me at the airport.”

Sitting for long doing almost nothing kills some people’s vibe. Same thing with Rita. She doesn’t like having a long layover.

“I don’t like long layovers especially when I have to sit and wait…it’s a buzz kill for me.”

To Dupe, she wouldn’t go for flight with long layover if it’s not cheaper.

“I don’t prefer long layover flights, I prefer direct flights, the few times I had to do layover, it was because they were cheaper, and the layover time was really short”

Having a long layover can be really boring, agreed! But while waiting for your next flight, you do not have to roam about the airport doing nothing. There are so many things you can do while you wait. Read some of the things you can do when waiting at the airport for a connecting flight here.

When next you find yourself waiting for a connecting flight, try as much as possible to maximize your time. Every second of your time counts!

What do you do when waiting for your connecting flight at the airport?


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